Pardon the cliché.........but music was always a part of Trevor’s life growing up on a farm in Manitoba.  Singing along to the tractor's crackling AM radio stations always helped pass the time as he worked out in the field.  Living in the boonies meant there was quite a distance to travel for, sports, girls.  Cassettes and then eventually CDs helped the miles fly by faster.  Lots of AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Northern Pikes and even Vanilla Ice.  Ha!!  What a mix.   

Then in his early twenties came that old, out of tune, strings an inch off the frets acoustic guitar of his Dad’s.  Man it was hard to play..... but Trevor was determined.  He drove his roommate crazy strumming out the same chords over and over and over again until he got it right.   This stubbornness would not be a surprise to those that know him.  When he finally broke down and spent a couple hundred bucks on a cheap Yamaha acoustic guitar from Mother's Music, he wished he had done that months earlier.  Boy, it was so much easier to play!!

Being the center of attention had never been an ambition of his.  Trevor just loved to strum his favorite country tunes so that he could sing along.   But when he finally overcame his stage fright and performed “Love Me” by Colin Raye at a small town charity event, the reaction he received from the crowd surprised him.  From then on, he was asked to perform at various events in the community.  Whether it was a campfire or a wedding, he would play.  He got the bug.

After performing in Manitoba for a couple years, a trip down to Nashville on a whim would prove to change his course forever.  Trevor was mesmerized by the atmosphere in the honky tonks..... The people, the players, the singers and most of all the songs.   It felt so comfortable.  He picked up Jason Blume’s 6 Steps to Songwriting Success in the Nashville airport and began his studies.  

Over the next few years, Trevor would spend a lot of time working on his craft.  He studied the current country hits on the radio and also the past ones.  He started following great writers like Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Craig Wiseman, Jeffrey Steele, and Kelley Lovelace among others.  He frequented Nashville for years where he would perform his own songs and attend critique sessions and seminars.  Then in 2009, Trevor moved to Nashville and spent the better part of the year immerced in the songwriting scene.

When Trevor moved back to Manitoba, he continued writing and performing in and around Winnipeg.  In 2010, he won a QX 104 FM songwriting contest with first prize being a trip to the CMAs in Nashville. 

After finishing up his EP Footsteps in the Spring of 2013 with Nashville producer Dick McVey, Trevor was busy performing wherever he could.  After receiving positive feedback from this first project, he decided to head back to the studio in early 2014 with producer Johnny Gasparic at MCC Recording in Calgary, Alberta.  Trevor caught the attention of Canadian Country Radio with his first release called MOONSHINE followed by DANDELIONS.  In 2015, Trevor was nominated for Emerging Artist at the Manitoba Country Music Association Awards.

While Trevor continues to perform throughout Manitoba on various stages, he also spends a lot of his free time songwriting on his little farm south of Steinbach.


The Songwriter