DANDELIONS released to Canadian Country Radio August 18, 2014

MOONSHINE released to Canadian Country Radio March 31, 2014

Check out Trevor's March 8, 2014 MADE IN MB podcast.  Listen to his interview at Steinbach's 1250 AM about his CD FOOTSTEPS.
"Trevor Johnson is a true Country artist, from his superb songwriting skills to his solid performance on stage. His songs will pull you in whether they’re tugging at your heart strings or getting you in a truck on a dirt road frame of mind."

Chris Ising
Manitoba Country Music Association
"I am big fan of Trevor Johnson's music. If you get to see Trevor live you will enjoy how he uses his talent as a performer to tell his stories and bring his legitimate songwriting skills to life. With a sound that does not forget traditional country but is well entrenched in today's Nashville style and sound, have a listen, and I guarantee you will be a fan to!"

Kerry Kingsland
Singer/Songwriter and Director of the Manitoba Country Songwriters Association
"A lot of singers and songwriters come through my studio here in Nashville and rarely do you see one with what I call the entire package.  That is the case with Trevor Johnson who excels in all facets of the music business - songwriting, singing, stage presence and personality."

Dick McVey
Record Producer
Hendersonville, TN

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